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My Own Writer’s Notebok

I little over 8 years ago I decided to live like a writer.  I had a passion for teaching young writers in the classroom and I was constantly encouraging them to live like writers, but I didn’t actually spend much time writing for myself.  I decided it was time to walk the walk AND talk

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Singing and Writing Sight Words in Kindergarten

Sight words are a big deal in kindergarten these days!  It’s Spring and we’re trying to master our ever-growing list of words and make it to Reading Level D by the end of the year.  I try to find a variety of ways to practice reading and writing our sight words in the classroom.  We

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When Writing Comes Naturally

There’s something magical that happens in my kindergarten classroom each and every Spring.  They start growing, by leaps and bounds, as writers and then they start choosing to write during our free choice/center time.  I love it when kids write just for fun, rather than as an assignment. I try to show kids in my

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