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Those Darn Squirrels!

We have a squirrel problem at my house.  I fight with those darn squirrels every year when I plant my sunflower seeds.  I plant hundreds every year and I never have a single flower to show for it.  I haven’t given up on my planting, but every year I cringe as I watch them digging

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Singing and Writing Sight Words in Kindergarten

Sight words are a big deal in kindergarten these days!  It’s Spring and we’re trying to master our ever-growing list of words and make it to Reading Level D by the end of the year.  I try to find a variety of ways to practice reading and writing our sight words in the classroom.  We

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Reading Nooks

If I ask kids in my kindergarten classroom to grab their book bags and start reading, they will immediately ask, “Can we go anywhere in the room?” I know what they really mean by this question. They want to know if they can squeeze themselves into little nooks and corners around the classroom, with a

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