Reading Nooks

If I ask kids in my kindergarten classroom to grab their book bags and start reading, they will immediately ask, “Can we go anywhere in the room?” I know what they really mean by this question. They want to know if they can squeeze themselves into little nooks and corners around the classroom, with a pillow and a stuffed animal. Kids love reading nooks! I know I did when I was younger. I made a little reading nook in between my bed and nightstand, with a few comfy floor pillows and a lamp. I wasn’t much of a reader when I was younger, but I did my homework in this little nook for years.

These days, I’m always thinking about spots that my kids will love to read. My daughter still loves creating little reading nooks at home, and I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to use at school. Here’s a SUPER simple tent to make on a nice Spring or Summer day. I made this with a couple of sheets, a clothes line, and some quilts and pillows. The wagon holds extra books and pillows.

Reading Fort

outdoor reading nook

Our mini tent has been used for years as a pop up reading nook.  I use it in my classroom for Camp Read-A-Lot too.  Believe me when I say that this is the FAVORITE spot for all kids to read.

outdoor reading tent

outdoor or indoor reading nook, camping tent

I’ve been pinning ideas on Pinterest for cozy reading nooks for kids.  Here is the link to my Pinterest board. People are just so creative!

reading nooks for kids

Pinterest board: reading nooks for kids

From blow up pools, old tires, and even a boat… to tents, pillows, and forts… people make the coolest reading nooks for kids!

Happy reading and happy creating!

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