Documenting Your Days

It’s been quite a week around here.  We broke a snow record that was set over a hundred years ago.  I keep telling my kids to really enjoy this because they may never see snow like this, in our area, again in their lifetimes.

I absolutely LOVE a good snow day.  I know, as a teacher, I’m going to pay for all of this fun in June.  I think it’s worth it.  I was reading a post from a friend, on Facebook, that was encouraging people to document this storm in some way.  If my kids were younger, I’d print out pictures and have them make a book about our adventure.  I loved doing this when they were little.  I’d have them just write a word or sentence telling about their feelings or explaining what we were doing.  When my kids were really little, I’d have them glue the picture down and I’d take dictation about fun times.

In the spirit of documenting our days, here are a few pictures from our snowy week. Our dog, Cooper, wanted to go outside about 75 times each day.  He’d go out, wander around, shove his face in the snow and come back inside.  Seriously… 75 times.

This  was a walk we took on one of the days that we could actually walk outside.

These guys are Seniors this year, and that means they will most likely not need to make up snow days.  They spent so much time sledding.  I love seeing them still acting like kids and enjoying the magic of snow days.

The younger kids spent quite a bit of time outside too.  I love that I live in a neighborhood where my kids can walk to the school and the park.  They’ve had a blast sledding.

Yes, Mr. Groundhog… we know.

I loved the sign on our High School.  Glacier Pass, Elevation 500 ft.

We had just about 14 inches of snow.  In the Seattle area, we usually get 2-3 inches with a big storm.  Once in a long while, we’ll get 5-6 and that’s a really big deal.  So, you can imagine what 14 inches of snow does to the area.  Since snow like this doesn’t happen often, we don’t have the plows or sanders to handle our streets.

Watching the snow pile up on our deck was mind blowing!  Look at my chairs!  The seats are buried!  It was unreal!

I think I’ll take this sign off of my front porch now. I’m ready to get back to the real world.

Don’t forget to have your kiddos document their days! Even if it means just printing a few pictures and taking dictation, it’s worth the time.  Kids will work on their writing skills and they’ll also have a keepsake for years to come.

Happy writing!



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