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Creating a Writer’s Notebook

My last post explained what writer’s notebooks are (and what they are not).  Now I’m going to show you how to make them in your classroom.  Let me tell you, up front, that my kids were SO excited about these notebooks.  They are simple composition notebooks, but once kids had the chance to personalize them, they

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Teaching Kids to Write – What I Value

It may be surprising to hear that I didn’t always love teaching writing to young children.  After all, I write a literacy blog.  You would think that I loved reading and writing as a kid and that my love for those subjects carried right into my adult life and into my teaching.  Well… not so

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More On Our Writer’s Notebooks

Yesterday, I shared a little about our Writer’s Notebooks in first grade.  Here’s another little glimpse. We spent some time browsing through magazines.  The kids cut out pictures of things/people/animals that they might want to use in their future writing. They added labels, helping to remind them of the important aspects from their pictures. Some

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