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Playful Learning – Best Book for Parents of Young Learners

I’ve owned Playful Learning since the day it came out in print.  The author, Mariah Bruehl is a blogger and has a fabulous website where she offers online courses for parents and teachers.  I’ve loved her work and consider her a “online friend” who I have never actually met in person (unless you count Skype

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When Writing Comes Naturally

There’s something magical that happens in my kindergarten classroom each and every Spring.  They start growing, by leaps and bounds, as writers and then they start choosing to write during our free choice/center time.  I love it when kids write just for fun, rather than as an assignment. I try to show kids in my

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water color sky painting

Sky Color Paintings

Have you seen this book?  I love Sky Color, by Peter H. Reynolds.  All of his books are inspiring and speak to creativity.  We read this book in my kindergarten classroom last week and started really looking at the sky. Winter, in the Pacific Northwest, does not always lend itself to a sky study.  We

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The Idea Room – Organizing An Art Area For Kids Even When You Don’t Have The Space

Last week I shared my post about an Idea Room that was at a school I visited for a training class.  Today I’m sharing how to create an Idea Room in your own house, even when you don’t have the space for a dedicated Idea Room or Art Area in your home, and how it

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Teaching Kids to Write – What I Value

It may be surprising to hear that I didn’t always love teaching writing to young children.  After all, I write a literacy blog.  You would think that I loved reading and writing as a kid and that my love for those subjects carried right into my adult life and into my teaching.  Well… not so

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