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Meaningful Learning

You’ve met Cookie.  She’s our 1 year old Holland Lop.  She is the sweetest little thing ever.  My daughter loves to put the harness on and take Cookie out in the grass.  Cookies loves the exploration time. When we first started discussing getting a bunny, I’ll admit, my motives were as much about education as

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I truly believe that a love of literacy is built upon our experiences.  As learners, we are the sum of our experiences.  Kids come into my classroom, so excited to share activities they have done with their families. Their knowledge and experiences build their schema and support their ideas in writer’s workshop.  Whether it’s helping

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Adventures in Crabbing and Clamming

I’ve often said that making connections and background knowledge is the most important comprehension strategy we teach in kindergarten.  Even though I teach kids how to connect their schema to the books we are reading, I’m not their first, best, or most important teacher.  YOU are.  As a parent, you have the opportunity to give

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