I truly believe that a love of literacy is built upon our experiences.  As learners, we are the sum of our experiences.  Kids come into my classroom, so excited to share activities they have done with their families. Their knowledge and experiences build their schema and support their ideas in writer’s workshop. 

Whether it’s helping out in the kitchen, or taking a family outing, experiences are an essential part of learning.  I was searching though pictures recently and loved seeing all of the experiences we’ve had as a family.  They aren’t extraordinary experiences (except getting to see Shamoo).  For the most part, they are pretty typical, every day, activities.  I’m sure you do many of the same things with your kids.  As you scroll through the photos, keep in mind that all of these little things are building your kids’ literacy lives.

Enjoy the photos.

Enjoy experiences with your kids, and help build their literacy lives! 

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