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Otis Books by Loren Long

We’ve been loving the Otis books, by Loren Long, in my kindergarten classroom lately.  I bought the first book to do a few lessons with, and the kids fell in love with the characters.  When I spotted the Otis 4-pack at the Scholastic site, I had to snatch them up.  It’s hard to decide which

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Collecting Sunflower Seeds

Have you read the Sunflower House?  In my opinion, it’s a classic.  Well, we read the book yesterday in Kindergarten and the kids were thrilled with the treasures I brought in for them to explore.  Last week I asked parents in my class if they would be willing to donate a few sunflowers.  They came

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If Rocks Could Sing

I’ve been a “rock nerd” my whole life.  I remember starting my collection with any rocks that sparkled, when I was about 5 years old.  I had a rock box that I added my precious stones to.  My mom used to ask, “Are you going to save those forever? What in the world are you

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