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Gardening and Reggio Inspired Provocations

It’s been warm and rainy, here in the Pacific Northwest, for the past few weeks.  The weather has me really thinking about garden projects.  My kids are great at helping me in the garden.  We spend time weeding, adding compost, planting flowers, and adding vegetable starts to the vegetable garden. At home, I rotate the

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Collecting Sunflower Seeds

Have you read the Sunflower House?  In my opinion, it’s a classic.  Well, we read the book yesterday in Kindergarten and the kids were thrilled with the treasures I brought in for them to explore.  Last week I asked parents in my class if they would be willing to donate a few sunflowers.  They came

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

We’ve been busy in kindergarten lately.  (Well, kindergarten is always a busy place.)  I love setting up different provocations for the kids using natural materials, art supplies, and questions for them to think about.  I have a cute little wooden table in my classroom that is the place, kids have figured out, that I set

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