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Springtime Book Bins

Sometimes all my kids need is an invitation… a very subtle invitation.  All invitations that sound like mom’s suggestions will be met with heavy resistance.  Invitations that seem like a child’s own ideas, will somehow seem brilliant. While the kids were at school the other day, I pulled a few favorite books off of our

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What To Read To Your Grump

My daughter is a Glass-Half-Empty kind of girl.  Don’t get me wrong, I love her dearly.  She is absolutely the most compassionate child I have ever met. Remember the story of the love she showed her Great Grandma when she was in the hospital?  Not only is she compassionate, but she is hands-down the best

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The Farmer’s Market

I bought something new for my kindergarten class!  I am loving this adorable market.  I think the kids are loving it too! Since the beginning of school, we’ve been talking about farms, harvest, markets, and growing food.  We were preparing for our field trip to the pumpkin farm, but it also tied to our literacy

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