Springtime Book Bins

Sometimes all my kids need is an invitation… a very subtle invitation.  All invitations that sound like mom’s suggestions will be met with heavy resistance.  Invitations that seem like a child’s own ideas, will somehow seem brilliant.

While the kids were at school the other day, I pulled a few favorite books off of our kids’ bookshelves.  Sitting in pretty baskets, in the living room, they almost call my daughter’s name.

It worked like a charm.  As she was passing the living room yesterday, she stopped and asked, “What’s that?”

“Oh, I just did a little organizing.”

Soon, my youngest was sprawled out on the floor reading Silverlicious, How Full is Your Bucket, and High Tide in Hawaii.  I didn’t even need to say a word.
(I still can’t get my big kid to enjoy anything that has to do with books.  I won’t give up though.)

Happy reading, friends!

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