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Language Development Through Story Telling

It’s camping week in kindergarten and today we were telling campfire stories.  Now, I’m not a big fan of spooky stories, especially with the kindergarten crowd, but we did have a fun time telling funny stories.  Someone who walks into my classroom during this story telling time might think it’s a fun activity, but not

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

We’ve been busy in kindergarten lately.  (Well, kindergarten is always a busy place.)  I love setting up different provocations for the kids using natural materials, art supplies, and questions for them to think about.  I have a cute little wooden table in my classroom that is the place, kids have figured out, that I set

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Pop! A Book About Bubbles

The highlight of my work week… ok, maybe my whole year, is doing bubbles with my kindergarten students.  You might be thinking, “Oh, how cute.  They are probably working on the letter B.”  Nope.  We are working on poetry writing, discovering properties of liquids, and exploring provocations about water. Our work started with Pop! A

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