Pop! A Book About Bubbles

The highlight of my work week… ok, maybe my whole year, is doing bubbles with my kindergarten students.  You might be thinking, “Oh, how cute.  They are probably working on the letter B.”  Nope.  We are working on poetry writing, discovering properties of liquids, and exploring provocations about water.

Our work started with Pop! A Book About Bubbles.  This is a great book to get kids thinking about bubbles, and get them excited for the next step!  It also has a recipe for making your own bubbles.

I wish I could show you the joy on the kids’ faces as they explored with bubbles.  There was such excitement! Links to the book and some fun bubble wands are below. (I’m an amazon affiliate.)  


After exploring with bubbles, we wrote fabulous bubble poems, made bubble paintings to go along with the poems, and then one of my super-awesome kiddos asked if we could put soap in the water table.  Ummm… YES!

One of the joys of teaching kindergarten is seeing the wonder in kids’ faces and the excitement in their eyes when they try something new.  Most of the kids in my class have probably had an experience with  bubbles before, but using big wands, reading a new book, and adding soap to the water table made these experiences totally new for the kids.  It was a good day. 
Happy Bubble Making!!

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