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Rocket Writes A Story

I’ve always loved wandering through Barnes and Noble and just looking for books that catch my eye.  I usually look through the seasonal displays of hard cover books first.  I read through books with a “teacher eye” and I’m always asking myself how I could use this book in the classroom.  I’m constantly thinking, “Where’s

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Connecting Our Reading Curriculum to Writer’s Workshop

Connecting reading and writing is natural in the early grades.  Right now, in our first grade reading curriculum, we are working on identifying the main idea and supporting details in a text.  We have used a graphic organizer to help us keep track of our thinking.  This same graphic organizer led itself right into our

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Writer’s Workshop Sharing Circle

I’ve often said that there is nothing better than Writer’s Workshop in Kindergarten… except Writer’s Workshop in first grade!   It’s week 2, and we’re already writing books!  Sharing Circle is part of our Writer’s Workshop culture.  We usually begin our workshop with a writing lesson, followed by a large chunk of time dedicated to

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