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Love, Laughter, and Literacy… All in Writer’s Workshop

There wasn’t always this much joy in Writer’s Workshop.  I remember our first team meeting (called MTI), back in September.  We were talking about our classes and I shared that I felt my class was filled with terrific students, but that I hadn’t found their passion yet.  During work time, kids just didn’t seem excited.

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More On Our Writer’s Notebooks

Yesterday, I shared a little about our Writer’s Notebooks in first grade.  Here’s another little glimpse. We spent some time browsing through magazines.  The kids cut out pictures of things/people/animals that they might want to use in their future writing. They added labels, helping to remind them of the important aspects from their pictures. Some

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Using Our Writer’s Notebooks

I’ve always been fascinated with Writers’ Notebooks.  I love hearing about the way authors use their notebooks to hold ideas, titles for future stories, beginnings for possible sentences, or even just words that fascinate them. The most amazing workshop I’ve attended about keeping a Writer’s Notebook was given by Ralph Fletcher.  (He’s the writer’s workshop

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