We’re Cooking in Kindergarten

We have had a great time cooking in our kindergarten classroom!  This is always a favorite unit for the kids.  Food is always highly motivating. 

We have made chocolate chip cookies.

Pancakes for breakfast was pretty fun!

Fish bowls were a tasty treat.

We were stunned at the number of kids who asked for seconds of the baked zucchini!

We’ll be making pizza this week too!

I wanted a few new printables to use in our cooking unit.  I found some great clip art, from Scrapindoodles, and made some cute samples and black line masters.  Unfortunately, the only way I can share the clip art from Scrapindoodles is to sell it as a product.  They don’t allow teachers to use their clip art and then offer their printables as freebies.  I really don’t get it, but I’m a rule follower.  Since the only way to offer this packet to you is for purchase, I’ve made it available through Teachers Pay Teachers.  Clicking on this link  will take you to the website where you can purchase the document I have created for $.50.  I made the price very inexpensive!  I’m not in it to make money.  I just want to share these documents with families.

(Sample image from Scrappindoodles.  This was the line I used in the packet.  I love the cute factor!)
As a side note, I plan to use any money I make from this product to purchase more cookbooks for the classroom.  Ordering and downloading this product is like making a donation to the classroom library!  The printables are great for home or classroom use.

Happy cooking and writing!

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