The Week In Review

It was a busy week. Last week was crazy. (Between illness and injury, I thought my entire family was falling apart.) This week was just busy, and it was a normal kind of busy.

The new garden themed books I ordered, finally arrived.  This was my daughter’s favorite of the bunch.

OLIVIA Plants a Garden (Olivia Ready-to-Read)

I recategorized my school related Pinterest boards this week.  Here’s the link to my board with gardening related books for kids.

My kids signed up for the science fair at their school.  Any great suggestions for a project?  I borrowed a couple of books from a teacher at school, so we’ll be looking!

I made Leap Day cupcakes… frogs, of course.

My Girl Scout troop celebrated 100 years of Girl Scouting with a birthday party. It was a cupcake party.  (I’m kind of cupcaked out now.)

Before the party, we talked about all of the things we’ve done this year as Girl Scouts.  For a small group of first grade girls, they are pretty impressive.  So far, they’ve:
*picked up garbage at our school
*served Thanksgiving lunch at the senior center
*shared cookies at Christmas carols with another group of older community members
*made cards to send to people who needed a boost
*and learned to be responsible for more than just themselves
It was a good week, filled with lots of great experiences.

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  1. Busy Bees Reply

    Thanks for visiting our blog. I am your newest follower on this blog!! As far as suggestions to keep a traffic flow of people coming to your blog, take lots of pictures and give lots of freebies.
    Good luck, and thanks for sharing your wonderful 3 different blogs. You are keeping busy with 3 blogs!

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