Rainbows in Kindergarten

It’s the beginning of two weeks of rainbows and learning our color words. We are learning to read write and spell the color words. We have songs that go with all of our color words and the kids wear the color of the day. We set it up so that “Green Day” falls on St. Patrick’s Day. We go in rainbow order, except we change things just a bit. Instead of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet… we do red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and then rainbow day. On rainbow day, the kids get to wear rainbows, their favorite color, or as many different colors as they can.

Rainbow Science

I bought this great plant propagation stations on Amazon, and it works perfectly for our color walk.

Writing our Color Words (And Fruit Loops are just fun!)

We practiced writing our color words and added some Fruit Loops to our rainbows, because… who doesn’t love using Fruit Loops in the classroom.

I have a lot of great books about colors. Some are science books about rainbows and others are just stories about colors.

The kids loved watching The Cat in the Hat video about colors on Amazon Prime. We always sing the color song, along with the Cat in the Hat, but when they say, “Indigo and Violet” we say, “We changed it to Purple.” In kindergarten, we really don’t need to learn to spell indigo or violet, but purple is a word that we use quite a bit.

Happy Rainbow Week!

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