Idea Books

My older brother is a very organized man that runs his own successful business and keeps track of many aspects of a complicated process. For as long as I can remember,  he’s also been one to keep a calendar/journal that he carries with him. 
The original Idea Book
My older daughter, Maggie,  has always loved her uncle and they have a sill, laughter-filled relationship; however, he’s also the person that will go into great depth when answering any question she has. They’ve had many, many complex conversations about nature and how things work. He’s very patient. 

Inspired last year, a picture with invented spelling of ‘pumpkin’
Over a year ago we were visiting him and Maggie got wind of his journal/calendar. She thought it was the coolest thing EVER. I have journals, but I tend to write just words and lists. Seeing my brother’s book, which has sketches, cartoons, and words made her excited beyond words to have her own book. 

“Audrey is always tired”
My brother gave Maggie her own “Idea Book” and ever since she’s been jotting down different ideas. Last Fall she was inspired by the pumpkins and her sister’s nap schedule. The book has been around our house, mostly kept in her room, something that she picks up when she’s feeling inspired by an idea or thought. 

“I’m always ready to be awake”

When she mastered some number writing, she decided to work to put the numbers in her book, all on her own. I’m a huge fan of invented spelling and have been so happy to see her writing about things she notices.

Inspired by Numbers
In her Idea Book there are many, many drawings and sketches that she’s been inspired to think about. Flowers, fireworks, and just about anything else that we’ve done over the past 18 months. She has finally finished up most of the book that started this whole thing, the one my brother gave her. 
A happy wizard
Sometimes we talk about what she’s put in her Idea Book, but mostly I just let her share when she’s ready, which sometimes she doesn’t want to.  My favorite part about the Idea Book is that it doesn’t matter if her ideas are good or bad, meeting some conceived idea. Each and every idea is hers, making it unique, smart and limitless. 

Idea Book #2, ready for some great thoughts

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