Gingerbread Love

I love gingerbread stories during the Holidays. I have a good size collection of gingerbread books, which I read to my kindergarten students as well as my own kids.

One of my favorite books, from The Learning Workshop, is called Gingerbread Village. There is also a CD you can purchase with the song on it. The kids love the book.

Well, I’ve always wanted to create a gingerbread village for my felt board, in the classroom. I usually think of it in December, when I’m pressed to time anyway. Year after year, my gingerbread village is put on the back burner. THIS year, I happen to have a parent in my classroom who is an AMAZING artist. She has made several stories for me and they are stunning. She surprised me this morning with this set!

Do you see all of the details? And those lollipops!

Oh, just look at this little baker!

The gingerbread girls and boys have little toys!

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited the kids were as we retold the story today.

I’m in love with this beautiful artwork!  Thank you for a wonderful gift!!!

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