Daily 5

At the beginning of the school year we started our work with Daily 3.  It was an adaptation of the work done by The Sisters in their Daily 5 routine.  Our Daily 3 included Read to Self, Listen to Reading, and Partner Reading.  During the past week, we added our last two sections and we are now practicing our own version of Daily 5.  
The kids each have a clip and make their choice for each rotation.  The Listen to Reading chart has several different options.  Kids can listen to reading through Raz-Kids, our LeapFrog tablets, or LeapFrog Tag readers.  
Word work has been a fun addition to our morning.  Kids are enjoying the games and puzzles I have for them to choose from.  The games relate to word building, sight words, creating sentences, and word play through contractions and compound words.

Writer’s Workshop has always been a favorite time of the day, so adding this component to our Daily 5 bought cheers from the first grade crowd!
While the kids are working on their Daily 5 rotations, I’m working with small groups in Guided Reading.  This is the time where I work with groups in their instructional reading levels. Instructional reading levels are levels in which kids read at 90%-94% accuracy.  I try to reassess kids as frequently as possible.  They move levels very quickly in first grade, as this is a huge growth time in a child’s reading development.
Daily 5 rotations are a happy time in first grade!
Happy reading!

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