Do you want to build a snowman? (Can you hear Anna, from Frozen, singing this?)

Well, I think the majority of my class saw the movie Frozen over the break.  I have to say, that was the best Disney movie I’ve seen in years.  The music was great.  It was beautifully done, and I love the characters!  Olaf, the Snowman, absolutely cracked me up!  I think I earned the Teacher of the Year award (in the eyes of my first graders) when we listened to some of the music from the movie during our work time.  (My daughter bought several songs from the movie with her itunes gift card, so we borrowed her music while she was at school. I also told the kids I’m going to start singing as I’m teaching from now on… not just singing once in a while, but singing all of my lessons.)

During the month of January, we’ll be doing some fun activities with snow, snowmen, and arctic animals.  Olaf, the snowman, tied in perfectly to our snowy activity today. He sings about how he can’t wait to be a snowman in Summer.  He’ll rest on the burning sand, spend time in a hot tub, and take a relaxing swim in the pool. 

We read the book Snowmen All Year, which is an old favorite in our class, and talked about what we’d do with our snowmen if they got to stay all year. 

 The kids’ answers were pretty clever and tied to their personalities. There were picnics in the park, family dinners, kite flying, sunbathing, and a hot yoga studio for our Snowmen All Year. 
 It was a quick activity at the end of the day, but I loved the kids’ ideas, and I can never pass up an opportunity to connect our reading and writing.  
Happy imaginary snowman building!

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