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They’re here! Those lazy days of summer have arrived. I plan on spending some time sitting on the deck with a good book. My daughter loves to read. My son? Not so much. We signed up for the Barnes and Noble Summer reading program. After logging the books we have read over the summer, Barnes and Noble gives each child a free book. A few weeks ago, my kids and I chose our books for summer reading.

My first book of summer vacation will be Nurture Shock. It’s a parenting book, but I’ve heard it’s not like any other parenting books I may have read. A few teachers at my school read this book in a book study group and raved about it for months after.

My son, procrastinator of all things literacy, chose a few sports themed chapter books. He’s reading Matt Christopher’s Catch That Pass right now. He also picked Mike Lupica’s Comeback Kids, for his second book. My son is really into sports, so I’m hoping these books are engaging enough to help him enjoy reading.

As for my daughter, she has been enjoying the Junie B. Jones series. Secretly, I think Barbara Park must have spy cameras following my daughter and then she writes her stories based on the comments, facial expressions, feet stomping, and misadventures my daughter has every day.

By the way, if you live close to Mill Creek Town Center, the UW Bookstore will be hosting Junie B. Jones in her book signing tour.  Junie B. will be at UW Bookstore in Mill Creek, at 4pm on Thursday, July 7th.  We’ll be there. Who could resist a book tour called The Stupid Smelly Bus Tour?  We hope you’ll come find us!

Happy reading!

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  1. Unknown Reply

    Great summer reading choices! My kids went through many Matt Christopher books. We had reading programs most summers when my kids were growing up. One fun thing we did was to create a 'road trip', covering miles (one mile per page read) on a certain route. At certain 'milestones', they would get prizes…often related to the location they were on their route. A grand prize was given if they reached their destination by the end of summer. Incentives worked well with my kids (but, I must state, my daughter was much more driven than my boys to read!). One year, my daughter mapped out a trip inside China…lots of Chinese food was eaten that summer! If there were blogs when I was raising kids, I would have spent many hours sharing experiences! So glad you're sharing 'home and family life' adventures and information for your readers.

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