We Have A Winner!


We have a winner of the book set from Hameray Books!  My friend over at Hameray emailed me this morning with the winner from the raffle.

Are you ready?

Drumroll, please…

Andi Nofziger-Meadows is the winner!

I have to tell you, when I read who the winner was I was a bit like Buddy, in the movie Elf.  You know that part when Buddy is told that Santa is coming and he yells, “Santa? Santa!! I KNOW HIM!!”  I felt like that.  I was thinking, “Andi? Andi!! I KNOW HER!”  I know there are many readers of my blog who I don’t know, personally.  But, I know Andi from my days in the Edmonds School District.  Congratulations, Andi!  Tara, from Hameray, will be contacting you with shipping details.

Happy reading!

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