The Shape Song Swingalong

I’ve recently discovered the book and CD singalongs from Barefoot books, and my kindergarten students love them! I use as much music as I possibly can in the classroom and, in my opinion, it’s even better when the song has a book to go along with it.

The Shape Song Swingalong is written and sung by Stevesongs.  Barefoot books is one of those companies that sells their products through an individual distributor.   You can go to and click on Buy Barefoot to find someone in your area who sells these books.

This is a great books to introduce in our classroom right now because we are really focusing on shapes.  In our Writer’s Workshop time, we emphasize small motor, slowing down in our drawing, and telling our stories through our drawings.  Many kids have no idea how to tell a story through drawing, and drawing people or places is exceptionally hard.  We begin with modeling, modeling, modeling!

I show them that I draw a very careful circle for my head, an oval for my body, and some rectangles for arms and legs.  When I draw the circles and ovals, I make it starting at the top and curving around to the left… just like I would do if I wrote an “o” on my paper.  Our c’s, a’s, d’s, and q’s are formed in a very similar fashion, so sometimes I begin off-centered like I’m starting one of those letters.  I remind kids that I’m starting my shapes at the top, just like I start my letters at the top, and I encourage them to do the same in their stories.  I am NOT an artist.  As a matter of fact, the kids’ drawings are often better than mine.  I point out to kids that I am not good at drawing, but I try my best by using shapes and it helps me show and tell my story.

During our Number Corner time, we are focusing on shapes as well.

We are using a new math curriculum in the Snohomish School District called Bridges.  It is part “calendar time” and part “number” work.  The calendar has a pattern that uses shapes and their are little songs to go along with the shapes.  Once again, The Shape Song Swingalong ties in very well!  I love the way the book uses different shapes in the illustrations.  It ties to our calendar, where the shapes are 2-D as well as 3-D objects.

I’m loving the connections between our curriculum and my new shape book.  It’s a great book to read, especially if you like to tie in music.

Happy reading and shape hunting!

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