The Loose Tooth List & Why Tools of The Trade Matter for All Ages

Last week was a really big week at our house for a couple of reasons. First, my oldest turned FIVE. That alone made me wonder where all the time had gone since we brought her home from the hospital, but I’ve been feeling that way since before she was born.

The bigger, and maybe more thrilling, part of our week was her losing her first tooth. I was utterly unprepared for it because she isn’t even in Kindergarten and she’s just a few days into being five.

There really wasn’t any traumatic story to go with it coming out. She ate a piece of popcorn and out it popped. It was what happened almost right afterward that made my heart swell. She ran to her room and her ‘art station’ to write about what she had done RIGHT AFTER it fell out.

“The Loose Tooth List”
play, jump, write, talk, walk
sit, yawn, stretch
ich, look

wash my mouth

I had found her in her room working away at her list and just a couple days before we’d added a stapler to her work space, after a couple rounds of practice stapling. She did her own cutting and stapling and presented me with the finished product. 
I was so proud that she wanted to express her experience of losing her first tooth through writing and that we have space in our home that is ALL hers, full of tools that can help aide the need to create. I’m not worried that none of the words are spelled correctly, or that her formation of the letters are wonky, there will be plenty of time in the future to combat that. 
I’m just glad that she was able to express and document the event in her own five-year old way.

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