The Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s Market season is finally here!  We have one at our neighborhood park every Friday evening.  I think it’s the highlight of my kids’ week.  Ok, lets be honest – it’s the highlight of my week too.  At 3:00, every Friday, from June – September my kids take off on bikes or scooters with dollars in hand.  
There haven’t been many booths yet, and only one veggie stand so far.  But I know more will be coming.  It’s only the beginning of the growing season around here.  The cherries have been wonderful!  
Since there was only one veggie stand, the line to pay was really long. It was worth it though.  We also bought a half flat of berries and shared them with a neighbor.

I always think it’s funny when my daughter gets that “hey, what a coincidence” look on her face when suddenly there is a stack of books about the farmers market on a table somewhere.  I think she truly believes that they appeared there by accident.  Well, it’s no accident.  Strategically placed books, on topics of interest, always draw her in.  She claims she doesn’t like reading, but can’t seem to resist my picture book collection.

Whether you are heading to the beach, camping, or to the farmer’s market this summer, don’t forget to find some great books on the topic.  Strategically place them around your house so your kids will “find” them.  Maybe you’ll even hear the same comments I do, “Hey, look at this!  These books are about the farmer’s market and WE just went to the farmer’s market.  Huh.”
What a coincidence!
Happy reading!

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