Summertime in the Garden

I spend the entire year looking forward to quality time in the garden.  All through late Fall and early Winter, I wait.  When Spring starts, even though it’s really not warm enough to play in the dirt, we start bringing in compost and chicken manure.  My son doesn’t mind helping, even though it isn’t the best smelling job.  He’s strong and he loves to be outside with his mom and dad.
One seed at a time, we start planting our garden.  Seed potatoes and lettuce are always planted first.  We wait as long as we can to plant tomatoes and basil. We’ve learned that they really don’t like our Pacific Northwest rain.
Come Summer, my kids run to the back door when I ask, “Who wants to go pick the lettuce for the salad?”
Our garden doesn’t always produce tons of fruits and veggies.  But there are always a few things that we watch and wait for.  This year, I think those darn squirrels are going to get all of our zucchini.  It’s ok, there’s always next year.
Here’s my Pinterest board, showing all of my favorite garden themed books for kids.
Happy gardening!

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