Stupid Smelly Bus Tour

 My daughter is going into first grade.  First graders and the Junie B. Jones series go hand in hand.  I have to say, as we read these books together I’m  usually cracking up laughing!  The books are hilarious!  (Probably because I really think my daughter IS Junie B.)

I was at a local bookstore a few weeks ago and spotted a sign for the Junie B. Jones, Stupid Smelly Bus Tour.  It was coming to the store!  Imagine my excitement at reading that bit of news!

I piled 4 kids into my car on the day of the tour and we headed down to meet Junie B.

The performance was just like a play!  It was really well done and incorporated themes from many of her books.  My daughter would light up when she recognized something from a book we had recently read.  And, of course, I was excited that she was making connections and building schema!
Oooh, really blurry picture… but the kids loved having their books signed by Junie B. and Mr. Woo.
Of course, the big kids chose new books to buy too.  There is something special about buying a book at the bookstore, rather that just checking it out at the library.  For some reason, my son is more motivated to read the book when he actually owns it.  Well, I’ll do whatever it takes to get him to read!
There are so many great summer reading programs at the bookstores and libraries.  Check them out!  I’m sure there will be at least one or two that your kids are dying to see, and they are usually free… unless you get talked into buying a new book.
Happy reading!

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