Reading In Kindergarten

I love this time of year, in Kindergarten.  It’s a magical time, when kids go from saying, “I don’t know how to read!” to “Hey, I can read this book!”  I’ve been telling them they could do it all along, but it usually take until about February for the kids to start believing it.
Some books are repetitive, like our Meanies books.  The kids LOVE the Meanies and laugh hysterically when we read these books.  Several years ago, I met a friend who wanted to come visit my classroom.  She worked for the Wright Group (I love, love, love The Wright Group) and brought me several big books and the matching 6-packs of independent readers.  Best. Gift. Ever. (Thank you to Jenny!!)  The kids love the fact that the big book matches with the small books.  As soon as I put them in the kids’ book tubs, they practically gobble them up!  They LOVE these books.
 We are also reading easy-readers in the classroom.  I buy level A and B (Fountas and Pinnell leveling) any time I lay eyes on them.  There are not enough easy readers out there for these kids.  The kids are starting to point to words, recognize sight words, and read fluently on their own.  It’s magical.
 Don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of other reading options, besides Meanies and easy-readers.  They kids have access to my classroom library, which is filled with every author, illustrator, genre, and topic that a kindergarten could possibly want.  Kids love those books too, but there is something special about introducing them to books they read on their own, and not just picture read or retell.  It’s an exciting time to be a student and a SUPER exciting time to be a teacher!

 Happy reading!

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