New Friends

What’s small, black, hairy, and has six legs?

Do you recognize that little guy?  He’s a ladybug larva.  Our lad bug larva arrived in the mail about two weeks ago.  They’ve been growing like crazy.  We ordered them from the Insectlore catalog.  If you’re not familiar with Insectlore, you need to check out their online catalog.  We buy our caterpillars from them too.  Watching an insect go through the different stages of metamorphosis is truly a gift you can give your children. They are experiencing a scientific process that most kids only read about in their science books.

We’ve been watching our ladybug larva eat and grow, while reading books about the changes we can expect to see.  The changes don’t happen quite as quickly as watching caterpillars change to butterflies, but the kids are still enjoying their new little friends and learning so much. 
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