Meet My New Partners!

Are you ready to meet my new blogging partners?  I’m so excited to add friends who are teachers, literacy lovers, and parents of young children as contributors to this blog.

I’d like you to meet Hannah, Angela, and Nicole!
Here’s a little about them.

My name is Nicole.  I am a mother to a very curious, verbal,compassionate, and take-charge kind of 4 year old.  I am also a wife, homemaker, and former elementary teacher.  I love reading, literacy, and sharing this passion with my daughter.  Personally, I struggled to learn to read as a child and eventually got the hang of it thanks to Beverly Cleary – something clicked and I haven’t looked back.  Knowing what I know now about early literacy experiences, I am providing my daughter with adventures that will fill her literary cup daily.

Hannah is a wife, mother, and teacher. Before she had children she taught elementary school for many years. Her love of all things literacy seep into all aspects of her life. Hannah, so devoted to reading, still falls asleep with her nose in a book each night. 

Hello, I’m Angela.  I’ve been a Kindergarten teacher of over 10 years, a loving wife, and a mom of 2 young boys. I decided my plate was not full enough so I decided to start blogging! Having been inspired by so many educators and parents over the years, I am now hoping to give back and be that same inspiration for others.

I can’t wait to get started on our blogging adventure with these ladies!

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