Farmcation, 2011

I could tell my kids we were going to Disneyland or Hawaii and they’d be excited.  But, when I tell them we’re going to the farm, they can’t sleep the night before!

Labor Day weekend was filled with family and fun, over at my cousin’s farm.

My kids experience things they never could at home.  My son was so excited to tell me about he coyotes they saw at every turn when they were out cutting the hay.

The sun seems to shine brighter on the farm.  Magic and memories are made with cousins.

It’s just a slower pace.  We relax.  We talk.  We play.

New learning experiences are around every corner.

We learn about things we can’t experience at home.

We try new things and overcome fears.

We learn about the food we eat from first hand experience.

My kids learn about so many new things each time we venture away from home.

Our literacy lives are the sum of our experiences.  I can’t wait to see how a long weekend on the farm helps shape my kids’ literacy lives.  I may not see it today or tomorrow, but I know their experiences make a difference.

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8 comments on “Farmcation, 2011”

  1. Mrs. Huse Clifton Reply

    Oh such lucky experience and kids. It is so nice to leave "now" behind and go back to the farm. (Even though most farms today are so high tech. Not the pitch for vision of yesteryear.

  2. Sarah Reply

    Amazing photos! I love how they totally capture the farm-feel!

    I am a city girl & my hubby grew up on a farm. It's always such a different experience visiting his parents in the country & my kids love it! 🙂

  3. andi Reply

    we just came home from my parents' farm too! i totally agree about the wonders gained from creating experiences for our kids. great photos too. so glad i found your blog

  4. rebecca Reply

    I'm your brand newest follower Becca! I'm a Becca too…that's what all my family and close friends call me! 🙂 I grew up on a farm so your beautiful photos brought back fun memories! Thanks for linking up with the simple things!

  5. Farmchick Reply

    Love the shadow picture. I am a farmer's daughter and a farmer's wife…LOVE living on the farm. 🙂 Enjoyed my visit here. Hope you can stop by and say hi.

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