Creating a Writer’s Notebook


My last post explained what writer’s notebooks are (and what they are not).  Now I’m going to show you how to make them in your classroom.  Let me tell you, up front, that my kids were SO excited about these notebooks.  They are simple composition notebooks, but once kids had the chance to personalize them, they became our most powerful writing tools.

I started off by begging parents for materials.  I had already purchased the composition notebooks before the school year started, so I asked parents if they could donate stickers, pretty scrapbook papers, different colors and patterns of tape, sticky notes, and envelopes.  I let the kids use Sharpies because regular markers smear on the journals.  I didn’t give the kids any rules other than to simply make their writer’s notebook their own and decorate the cover and back with things that will inspire them.



Mission accomplished.

Now, we’re ready to add the meat and potatoes to our writer’s notebooks.  I’m working on a mini-webinar to show you how  to do this and how to use writer’s notebooks in a homeschool or primary grade setting. (Yes, you can even use these in kindergarten!!)  I have booklists, lesson ideas, and supply lists to inspire you and your buddy author.  I’ve gone from a person who dreaded writing as a child, to a teacher who is passionate about helping kids love writing.  I’ve also learned to love writing myself and I really believe writer’s notebooks have been a key piece to that inspiration.  I can’t wait to share my work with you and I hope it inspires you and your kids to get writing!

Happy creating!

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