Are you ready for a photo-heavy post?  Every time my kindergartners build something they are proud of, they ask me to take a picture.  I live with my camera around my neck and I’m always trying to document the discoveries and creations of my students.  Sometimes I print 5×7’s of the photos and ask them to tell me about their creation.  I hang these on the wall for parents to see.  Often times, I will print 4×6 pictures and put them all in a bin.  The kids love creating their own documentation and they enjoy writing about each other as well.

It doesn’t matter if we are building with Legos, Duplos, blocks, or clay.  They love it all!

I’ve been watching the kids and trying to figure out what their passions are, what they are interested in learning more about.  Building is definitely a passion.  Next week I’ll break out the construction books and see if we can dig a little deeper.

Happy building!

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