We went to Disneyland over Spring Break this year.  You can read about the surprise trip by clicking here.  My kids are 10 and 6 years old, which I think is the perfect age for Disneyland.  My son was all about the rides.  He loved California Screamin’ and Space Mountain.  My daughter was excited about the princesses, the atmosphere, the swimming pool, and the snacks.

As a mom and a teacher, I’m always trying to make connections from home to school.  I love to have my kids write about their adventures, read about a new topic, and try new activities.  While we were in Disneyland, we picked up a new cookbook.  It’s Princess Tiana’s cookbook.  My daughter was excited to try a few new recipes from the book. She picked out fruit salad, mac and cheese, baked cod, and cornbread recipes that she wanted to try.  She loved making dinner for the family and I loved the literacy tools she used to make the dinner.  She used the pictures to help make decisions, learned about non-fiction text, and followed written directions.  Who knew Princess Tiana could have so many connections to literacy?

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