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Finding Literacy In The Everyday

Literacy Photos

Our experiences contribute to our literacy lives in a big way.  Every little activity that we participate in is filed away in our brains until there comes a time when we need it.  Early childhood is such a fun and magical time to help kids see HOW these little experiences connect to their literacy lives.

Here’s an example of a nature table we set up in my kindergarten classroom.  I say WE, because this was a collection made by my students and their families.  They were so excited to collect tree rounds, pinecones, pussywillow cuttings, and branches to explore.  We read many books about trees and kids had so many connections.

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The Idea Room – Organizing An Art Area For Kids Even When You Don’t Have The Space

Last week I shared my post about an Idea Room that was at a school I visited for a training class.  Today I’m sharing how to create an Idea Room in your own house, even when you don’t have the space for a dedicated Idea Room or Art Area in your home, and how it

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Teaching Kids to Write – What I Value

It may be surprising to hear that I didn’t always love teaching writing to young children.  After all, I write a literacy blog.  You would think that I loved reading and writing as a kid and that my love for those subjects carried right into my adult life and into my teaching.  Well… not so

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