A Day At The Beach

I’m always amazed at the way the beach can draw the most reluctant kids into exploration.  Last week, during our Spring Break, we took a short trip to Birch Bay.  The day we arrived was beautiful.  We played at the pool and then decided to check out the beach during low tide.  We went to the Birch Bay State Park and found a few people digging for clams, but not a lot to look at.  By the time we walked out to the water, the kids were complaining and wondering why I made them get out of the pool. Clearly, it was time to try a new beach.  We asked a few locals and found out that Semiahmoo beach had better tide pools, so we hopped in the car and took off.
There was so much to look at and explore at Semiahmoo!  Everything seemed full of life.  We watched the barnacles reaching for their dinner, collected rocks, got squirted by a few clams, flipped over rocks and found little crabs, and discovered baby sand dollars.
The kids couldn’t resist wading in the tide pools!  There was just so much to explore.  The big kids were up to their knees in the water, collecting as many sand dollars as they could find.  The little kids were on the look out for baby sand dollars.  Me?? I was looking for starfish and chitons, while getting stuck (knee deep) in SUPER smooshy sand.  I have to admit, it was pretty hysterical! 
So much to learn and so much to explore!
I love a sunny day at the beach! 

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