Fine Motor Stations in Kindergarten

We’ve started some Fine Motor Stations in the morning, when kids first arrive at school.  These are activities designed to build muscle strength in our little hands and fingers, which in turn helps us in our ability to write.
I really LOVE Play-Doh and clay!  I will be sharing homemade Play-Doh recipes in an upcoming post.
Pinching with tongs is a great way to build strength in our hands!  I put some squishy plastic balls in our bean table and gave the kids the challenge to remove them all with different types of tongs.  Challenge accepted!!
Legos are one of my favorite toys for building muscles in our fingers.  In addition, Legos are just awesome for developing creativity.


Once kids have the proper pencil grips, I encourage them to do some tracing and use our stencils.


This is one of my favorite stations.  We have a sand tray, rocks, and shells that kids use to create art pieces.  I take pictures of their pieces of work to display in the classroom.  Any activity that invites the kids to pinch like you see in the picture below, is awesome for developing muscles.


We are writers in kindergarten and every fine motor activity we try will help us build the muscles and stamina we need for writing.


 We are on a mission to learn the signs for 26 letters in the first 20 days of school and we’ve almost reached our goal!  Not only does sign language help us connect our actions to letters and sounds, but we are also (secretly) sneaking in a bit of fine motor work!


I would encourage you to think about adding some fine motor activities into your daily routines.  Counting Cheerios, by moving them one by one, watering plants with a spray bottle, painting with small brushes, drawing with markers, and even cutting coupons from the Sunday paper are all great ways to build muscles in our hands!
Have fun!


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