Writer’s Workshop Sharing Circle

I’ve often said that there is nothing better than Writer’s Workshop in Kindergarten…
except Writer’s Workshop in first grade!
It’s week 2, and we’re already writing books!  Sharing Circle is part of our Writer’s Workshop culture.  We usually begin our workshop with a writing lesson, followed by a large chunk of time dedicated to simply WRITING.  At the end of our Writer’s Workshop, we try to save time for Sharing Circle.  The kids come together and listen to the stories their friends are working on.
The stories don’t have to be complete.  As a matter of fact, they are often works in progress.  I’ve often said that Sharing Circle is the “meat” of our workshop model.  It’s the perfect place to celebrate the success of a writer, point out the terrific things that are happening, and inspire other kids to try something new.
We listen, think, share, and inspire… all in first grade! We are truly writers!

Happy sharing!

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