We Saw A Snort

 You can find connections to literature in every part of your day if you are on the lookout.  Let me explain….

A few weeks back CC and I ran to get a load of compost for our lawn because of a little moss problem, and by little I mean huge.  The moss had taken over almost every square foot of grass this fall and winter.   When my husband treated the moss our yard quickly turned into a mud/dirt/decomposing moss wasteland.  Not fun to play on and not fun to look at.  So CC and I were recruited to pick up the necessary compost to cover the seed that would restore our yard to the more grass than moss ratio that we are accustomed to.

While we waited for the tractor to load our truck, CC climbed into the driver’s seat to sit with me.  I noticed a vintage tractor retired right in front of us and immediately thought of Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman.  We discussed what we could remember about the story and decided we better read it when we returned home.  I’d like to say CC made the connection between the tractor and the book, but it was me.  Her excitement was genuine and she wanted to take a closer look at the “Snort.” 

We headed home and dove right into the book.  


Are You My Mother? has been a favorite at our house since CC was able to turn pages.  We have a copy of the board book and the “regular” version.  It was so fun to enjoy the story but also to really look at the machine that looked so similar to the tractor we happened upon that day. 
There is no prep work involved in this type of learning.  I think living with your eyes wide open to what you are doing and experiencing with your children is all that is required. 
What is out there for you to notice with your children today?

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