Extending School Projects – Learning a Little More

This is such a great idea for a project!  I can’t take credit for the idea.  It was a homework project from my son’s teacher.  In 4th grade, kids in our state study Washington State history and geography.  My son’s homework project was to create a model of the state out of playdoh.  They needed to include the different regions, mountains, mountain ranges, rivers, and a few specific cities.  My son LOVED doing this project!  The hands-on approach to teaching geography was fantastic!

My son doesn’t really love fiction books, but has always been interested in non-fiction.  I found this book about Washington State and we read it together.  I have to admit, I learned a lot too!

You know, sometimes I just wish I would learn to keep my big mouth shut.  When we came to the page about the rain forest we have on the Olympic Peninsula, I suggested that we go camping there this summer.  Wait… did I really just offer to go CAMPING in a place called a RAIN forest?  Oh well, I guess it will be a learning experience for all of us!

I hope you’ll consider finding extensions to your kids’ school projects.  Books on the topics they are studying, hands-on projects, and the occasional field trip (or camping experience) really help kids connect to the things they are learning about. 

Happy camping!

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  1. jenna Reply

    I grew up on the Peninsula and spent many summers camping in the rainforest. It is a really amazing experience you won't want to miss (and you can stop by my mom's raspberry patch on your way and pick a cooler full). Happy camping!


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