Sight Word Memory

My daughter and I have been practicing her sight words.  Sight words make up about 90% of our reading vocabulary.  To be a fluent reader, it’s extremely important that kids know these words quickly.  One of my favorite ways to practice sight words is with the Memory Game.

Finding sight word lists is very easy.  Just Google, Dolch words or Fry words.  Googling first grade or kindergarten sight words also works.  I made word cards for each of the words and then printed two copies.  Each time your child turns over a word, have them read the card.  They think they’re playing a game, when in reality, they are working on their reading skills.

I don’t use all of the words in a game.  There are too many sight words and it becomes overwhelming.  We choose about 20 words we want to focus on and save the others for a different game.


Your memory is not what it used to be.  Your 5 or 6 year old will DOMINATE in this game.  You will have great intentions of “going easy” on your child, but in reality, your child will start feeling sorry for you because you can’t remember where any of the pairs are.  They will probably need to help you a little.

Happy reading!

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