We Love Making Lists

My kindergartners are in love with writing lists!


I downloaded the FREE list forms on Teachers Pay Teachers, made by Nellie Edge, and organized them in a little tote.  My kids love making grocery lists, wish lists, and lists of their friends in the class.  I have a handful of resources around the room, like a pocket chart with pictures and names of each child, and rings with grocery words on them.

My goal for this station is to simply get the kids writing.  Some kids still “fear” writing, even at this stage of kindergarten.  They haven’t developed the confidence yet to try writing words on their own and don’t see themselves as writers.  By giving them a few things to copy and supporting them as they try writing words on their own, I’m helping them to see that, “I really CAN write!”

Wallace’s Lists is a great book to read to our young list writers!

Wallaces Lists

Setting up a list caddy to keep at the kitchen table is a GREAT way to let your kids do some writing each day.  Take a look at the picture of the caddy on the Teacher’s Pay Teachers link.  It’s quick and easy to put together and really encourages young writers!

list caddy

Happy writing!

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