Hatching Chicks in Kindergarten

This is the year!  I’m going to do something that I’ve never done in my 22 years of teaching.  I’m going to hatch chicks in my kindergarten classroom!  I’m so excited, I might just burst.  The kindergarten teachers at a neighboring school have done this for years and tell me that it is an amazing experience for their kids.

baby chicks

Our office manager is planning to have chickens on her property this year, so I proposed a joint effort in getting her some chickens.  I have a loving home that these chickens will go to, but my problem is that I don’t have ANY of the supplies to hatch chicks.  I have a long list of chicken books in my Amazon shopping cart that I’m planning to purchase, but the incubator and other materials I need to get started are a bit out of my teacher-price-range.  Enter… Donor’s Choose!

I wrote a grant for the materials I will need to get started.  I still plan to buy the books and eggs out of pocket, but I’m hoping to get the incubator, egg candler, hands-on learning tools, and feeders through donations in Donor’s Choose.  They are materials I will be able to use with my kindergarten students for years to come and I can’t wait to document our experience on the blog!

If you are interested in helping me fund this experience for my kiddos, here is the link.


Thanks for helping us make kindergarten a magical place!


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