Experiences and Writing

My daughter’s first grade teacher asked them to write about something they were looking forward to this summer.  Here’s her response.

I am going to my uncle’s farm.  It will be fun.

 I just about melted when I read that.  I think it’s the sweetest thing ever.  My kids love going over to the farm.  It’s not a big expensive trip.  There’s no airplane ride, fancy hotel, or swimming pool.  (Although I’m trying to convince my cousin that he needs to put a swimming pool in his backyard.) My kids simply love the farm experience.

They shoot bb guns.

 Visit Tasty Bacon and Oinker. (I’ll be you can guess which pig was named by a boy and which pig was named by a girl.)

They run through the hay fields.
They ride the motorcycles and 4 wheelers.
I’m glad my kids have a place like this to go and I LOVE the fact that their experiences inspire their writing.
Happy writing!
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