Connecting Art and Writing

Deep Space Sparkle
My teaching partner, Angela, introduced me to Deep Space Sparkle.  It’s filled with wonderful art projects for kids.  My daughter and I are sitting at the kitchen table, tonight, drawing together.  We’ve been scrolling through some of the lessons on the Deep Space Sparkle blog and finding lots of inspiration. 
Art is such a wonderful way to encourage writing.  We found great owl drawings and we’re starting a story about the owl we found in Uncle Brenty’s barn. 
We’re connecting art and writing.
I’m off to write a story!
Happy writing!

3 comments on “Connecting Art and Writing”

  1. Alice Reply

    Oh I love this! I also love to visit art museums or browse fine art online and use them as inspiration for a story. It is a great fieldtrip, too. You can either let students choose their own piece or ask them to all write on the same piece and see how the same picture inspires different stories.

  2. Mary-Sweetwater Style Reply

    Thanks for the comment on my picture book list! How in the world do you keep up with 2 blogs? Oh yeah…I have the responsibility of doing the Student and Teacher Resources Links on our school website….so I guess I do more than one blog to. I will be sure to add this site to the teacher resource list. If you get a chance, you might like the links on the tab Sweetwater Junior on my menu bar….lots of fun links for educational games!

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