Writer’s Workshop Free Exploration

I’ve always said that a workshop should be a place to create.  Each day, when we have Writer’s Workshop, we create.  Most of the time we create books, but this week the flood gates opened.  I don’t open up Free Exploration in Writer’s Workshop every day, but with our half days this week it seemed like a good time.

Kids were invited to use books, stationary, notepads, poster paper, stickers, envelopes, cardstock, and everything else we have in our Writing Center.

The kids were most excited to make their own books with stickers and cardstock. I’m pretty sure it was the stapler that was the draw to making your own book.

Posters were a big hit too.  I didn’t know that at the beginning of the Star Wars movies, there is a written part that explains the story.  Here’s one of my little friends’ version.


The kids also wrote letters to each other during our Writer’s Workshop Free Exploration.


Our writing center is stocked with all of the supplies my little writers need to create.  The blank books (made by a wonderful parent volunteer), blank cards made from folded cardstock, and poster paper are the favorites.  

These simple supplies are easy to stock at home too!  It’s amazing how inspiring a few different types of paper, a stapler, and some markers can be!  What do your kids write at home?

Happy writing!

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