Planting Paperwhites

One of my favorite, wintertime, activities to do with my kids is planting Paperwhites.  There’s something wonderful about growing beautiful flowers, in the dead of Winter.  It reminds me that Spring will come again and my empty flower beds will eventually be filled with blooms.

I buy my Paperwhites at the local garden center.  My Garden is my favorite local nursery.  You can buy the bulbs individually, so you can decide how many you need.

We plant some bulbs in a large container, fulled with rocks.  I usually have to tie the paperwhites, once they’re full grown.  They get a little floppy when they reach full height.

My favorite thing to do with Paperwhites is plant them in a bulb planter.  I found this one at the same garden center that I bought my bulbs at.  I love this way of growing Paperwhites because you can really see how a bulb grows.  When we do this activity in my classroom, we graph how long it takes for the bulb to form roots, shoots, buds, and flowers.  I’m always amazed to see this process and I know the kids are too.

Ok, head to your local garden center and pick up a few bulbs.  They won’t disappoint you!

Happy planting!

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